Grated Apple Pie

Grandma apple pie is the best apple pie ever

Grandma apple pie is the best apple pie ever. I have never seen and tasted another quite like this one. This apple pie is so simple to make and great to prepare in advance for a dinner party.



  • 200 g (7 oz) softened, unsalted butter,
  • 110 g (4 oz) sugar,
  • 2 large eggs,
  • ½ tsp salt,
  • 1 tsp baking soda,
  • ½ tsp cinnamon (optional),
  • 400 g all-purpose flour (14 oz / 2 ½ cups),
    Note: dough is very similar to Pâte sucrée, you may also want to check that recipe.


  • 5-6 medium apples, preferably not-too-sweet,
  • 2 tbsp sugar for very tart apples.
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  • bring all the dough ingredients to room temperature,
  • preheat the oven to 190º C (375º F).

Dough preparation:

  • place eggs, sugar, salt and cinnamon, if you use it, into a big bowl,
  • whisk until blended, you can use a mixer, just keep in mind, vigorous blending will incorporate too much air and the dough can become unstable,
  • add butter and mix until there is no lumps,
  • in a separate bowl, combine flour and baking soda,
  • add all of the flour mix at once and fold in until it’s fully incorporated,
    note: don’t overmix, as it will cause too much gluten development, that will provide unnecessary elasticity to the dough and the final crust will be tough,
  • divide the dough into halves,
  • wrap half of the dough tightly with plastic wrap and slightly press to flatten,
  • let it chill in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes,
  • press second part of the dough into the base and along the sides with your hands,
    note: dough is very forgiving - don’t worry if it tears, you can easily press the dough together
    note: the leftover dough can be pushed back together and used for another time
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  • place the shell onto a tray and into the freezer or refrigerator for at least 20 minutes to ensure the dough is very cold prior to baking.

Apple filling preparation:

  • cut apples into halves, deseed and coarsely grate,
  • mix apples with sugar, if apples are too tart,
  • drain the apple juice; we don't bake crust in advance and excess juices will make the crust soggy.

Baking and serving:

  • remove the shell from the refrigerator,
  • place grated apples inside and spread it evenly,
  • remove the rest of the dough from the refrigerator and coarsely grate it over the apples,
    note: work quickly - dough shouldn’t get too warm, if the dough is getting too warm or becomes too soft to work with - chill in the refrigerator,
  • Grated apple pie | Cook With ❤
  • place the pie into the oven and bake until the it's is golden brown (about 50-60 minutes),
  • once done, remove it from the oven and cool for about 1 hour before serving.
  • Grated apple pie | Cook With ❤

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