Appetizer recipes

Appetizers are a special category of dishes, most often they are served before the main meal, but can act as an independent light snack. Appetizers should whet your appetite, prepare for future meals, and set the mood. There are many recipes for appetizers: from simple everyday ones that are prepared very quickly, to complicated and sophisticated ones, which can take hours to prepare. Appetizers can be hot and cold, they can be meat, fish, vegetable, and fruit.

In this section, I collect my favorite appetizer recipes, there are no random, boring, and untested recipes here. I hope the step-by-step picture recipes will make the cooking process easier.

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Authentic Half Sour Pickles with Dill

The best recipe for half sour pickles that I'm tired of always losing
Authentic Half Sour Pickles with Dill
When I was a little girl, like many of my friends, every summer I went to the village with my grandmother. Fresh air, a pumping station on an islet overgrown with reeds, a shallow river in which my friend and I caught fishlings and fed them to shabby cats and endless vegetable gardens. I remember delicious White Filling apples, carrots that could be pulled out from the ground and immediately eaten, raspberry bushes that grew instead of fences, and, of course, cucumbers, at first small, prickly, crispy, slightly bitter, then thick, with yellow spots, "for seeds" as grandma called them. At some point, before the grandmother reached the stage of "it is necessary to pickle everything", she made half sour pickles.