Basic Crepes

Delicious and Quick

The batter for these crepes can be prepared even by a two-year-old child, of course, if you pre-measure all the ingredients and manage the process :)

Preparation time:
10 min
Cooking time:
35 min
Total time:
45 min
Recipe yield:
12 crepes



  • 180 g flour (1 1/2 cups)
  • 2 eggs
  • 400 ml warm milk
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil I prefer to use grape seed oil, check this article about fats and oils to know why.
  • 1 tbsp sugar if you want crepes to be less sweet, add 1/2 tbsp sugar;
  • ½ tsp salt


Crepes Batter

I like to whisk the crepes batter with a whisk, and I don't like lumps, so the process looks like this. If you're using a mixer, firstly combine all the wet ingredients (eggs, milk, oil), add then add dry ones (flour, sugar, salt), and simply mix. If you are using a whisk, follow the process below.

  • whisk 2 eggs with 1/2 tsp salt and 1 tbsp sugar,
  • add 1 tbsp flour to the egg mixture at a time while constantly whisking, until the consistency resembles a sour cream or a greek yogurt,
  • add approximately a quarter of the milk (100 ml) and mix,
  • continue adding 1 tbsp flour to the milk-egg mixture at a time while constantly whisking,
  • repeat the previous 2 steps until all the flour is used, thanks to this method, even when stirring the batter with a whisk, there won't be any lumps;
  • add 1 tbsp vegetable oil and mix one last time,
  • pour in the remaining milk, stir, and let the batter rest for about 15 minutes.

Cooking the Crepes

  • heat a skillet over medium heat and grease it with vegetable oil,
  • using a ladle, pour the batter onto the skillet, tilting it to spread the batter evenly,
  • once the edges of the crepe start to turn golden brown, flip it and cook the other side,
  • stack the cooked crepes and there's no need to grease each one with oil.
  • Basic Crepes
Calories (1 crepe): 112
Proteins: 3 g
Fats: 3 g
Carbs: 17 g

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